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Message For Every Blogster /take note of your actions

Added: Saturday, June 27th 2020 at 1:29pm by aKunaKumara


Image may contain: text that says 'Remember, it didn't start with gas chambers. It started with politicians dividing the people with "us vs them." It started with intolerance and hate speech and when people stopped caring, became desensitized and turned a blind eye.'

User Comments

This is very true Kuna. Bro. Doc

Another thing, I had been thinking about is, the socnoial status that has been placed  on us. 

I watch a lot of myseries on tv. It seems to never fail, they will start this piece with, how they feel this now grown person came to this. They will start off by saying, he came from a broken home, his mother was a prostitute, or his daddy was a wine-o drunk. Then they say, he quit school and sometimes they will even say , oh they were a college drop out... Or he or she was on drugs themselves. 

WHO cares, if they murdered or raped someone it is a crime, stop giving them a free pass and stop making them out to be a monster due to their upbringing.They should know right from wrong. They had a choice, the right road or the wrong road.

Wendy we are programmed to the Blame Game...few ever really take responsibility for their own life. and the truth is we are the only ones who are responsible as no matter what others do we don't have to fall in behind them even as kids it is a matter of personal integrity.......but the world finds excuses for failure even by saying weare socially programed into the mind set..

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