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A mothers broken love

Added: Saturday, June 27th 2020 at 11:54am by ambzybaby


A full house, yet empty

A mother, daughter, and son

The mother always on the run

The children left with just water and hardly no food

The children crying to family no one believing its true

A daughter trying to do everything right 

Not out of love but fright

The mother always screaming never blaming the son

The daugher always the evil one

Always to blame even when its not her

Always waiting for them to bring up drama to stir

Daughter always giving a 2and chance or three

Just wanting to ask the mother why she loves everyone but "me"

Why she's never equal to the rest

even when she tries her very best

now an adult trying to do everything right 

The mother still blames her and wants to fight

She finds love and happiness in the family she started

but yet her old one still manages to leave her heart broken

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So sad. {#basic-cry.gif}

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