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Fauci issues warning, and Texas re-closes bars:thanks, hope those of you that just HAD to have a haircut enjoyed it

Added: Friday, June 26th 2020 at 1:10pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: trump, doctor, politics, health

Thank goodness, we have one adult in the room regarding Covid-19 and the confusion of anything approaching leadership on the national stage. Dr. Fauci found it necessary to remind people, including young people, that although they might not find themselves deathly ill, or even with symptoms, their disregard for public safety could have dire consequences for those around them.

Some of you may remember my “a somewhat friendly curmudgeon” post a couple of days ago, where I detailed going into a restaurant, WITH MY MASK ON, to get some take-out, being sure I was six feet from everybody, and then having my space invaded by a bunch of young people. One of them asked how I was doing, I said “fine” and turned on my heels and moved to the far end of the counter. I felt like telling them to “get the h*ll from me”, but decided to just move instead. I did think some ugly things about rude a-holes however, as I did it.

In addition to the new, long-needed, warning from Fauci, the governor of Texas, seeing a huge uptick in cases, has given all bars till noon today to close. A very wise move, which I am hoping other states will follow. I know I went out once since this pandemic started to see friends at the old watering hole but since then, the cases of infection have gone up, invading even our own city. Af course, that is to be laid to a couple of celebrations of graduations, etc that resulted in going to another Parish to a nightclub that was less safety-conscious than we are here in New Orleans proper. However, our governor, seeing this new uptick, has announced that we will not be moving to stage 3 of the re-opening process for 28 days and in the meantime keep tabs on things to see if that needs to change, either further out or sooner. I trust that if the situation merits it, he will join Texas and Florida is moving to prevent a large number of additional deaths.

Therefor a while, it looked like cases were going up, but that the deaths were not. However, this last report shows that the deaths have probably started to upswing again as well. As of the report issued on June 26, there were 40,588 new cases with 2516 deaths within that 24 hours. That is quite an upswing, which may very well bode for the worst to come.

This pandemic is NOT over, and experts are still saying we are still in the midst of the first wave. In the fall, what will it look like if we have a second wave?



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And the pandemic continues with at least two states moving backwards in their re-opening process.  Because they opened too quickly.

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