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Saturday this and that

Added: Saturday, June 27th 2020 at 11:34am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

It's a nice Saturday so far, temps will be in the 70s, sunny and bright.

Well a little foggy on the hill tops I noticed when I was out walking at 530am, but it burned off before I was up the second time.

After my walk, I went back to bed. Nice time to walk, just getting light, no cars, no people, cool weather, and peaceful.

I did check before the walk to see if a certain raccoon visited my yard last night, and he did.

He must be ticked off I covered his digging spot. He didn't move a brick like the night before, but just broke a part of the rose bush off that hasn't had flowered in years, and moved my lawn sprinkler.

And to move the sprinkler, he had to pull up the piece of bend wire clothes hanger that I use to stake the hose down or the water presser will flip over my small sprinkler.

I had a raccoon do that once before, pulled up the wire and dragged the hose across the yard.

I've also woken up in the middle of the night from hearing noise and seen a mama and babies out the window and mama messing with the sprinkler, and went outside and turned the water on full blast and scattered them quick.....LOL


I cooked some turkey patties in the air fryer this morning. This time I remembered to buy and onion and sauted them to mix in the ground turkey, we'll see how that tastes tonight for dinner.

I also went a little heavy on spices, so they should have an extra kick to them.


I did spray some weeds I saw and dead headed the pick roses. Now a cluster of the orange ones are starting to bud and open.

I like the orange ones the best.


I have nothing to do this weekend, which is ok since there is no where to go except the same essential stores that have been open these last few months, so I'll just stay home and veg.


Enjoy your Saturday and the rest of the weekend.


User Comments

I've had a very busy day at home and out and about. Got soaked when shopping at Walmart... hadn't seen rain that hard that fast in years. One big boom and instant downpour. Like a dam had burst.

The neighborhood has been quiet today, but that will change when the nightly booms start going off when it gets dark. Next weekend should be horrible with the fireworks.

It stayed blue sky and sunshine all day, so no downpours here. But then again we rarely see those in winter.....LOL

I once had a raccoon take down my very heavy bird feeder and take the cap off and drag it across the yard. Lol one night I heard something looked out and saw what I thought was for cats two in the tree and two on the grown then it dawned on me what's funny is the sounds they make sort of like a chirping. Lol

At least the fereal cats just poop in my yard and move on, the blasted raccoons like to cause trouble in my yard for some reason.

They are Rac-hoodlums!

Had a quiet day but did get to mow my yard.  I plan on painting a glider I have on my deck, as well as sand the rails on my porch.  I also want to polyurethane my deck too.

I was busy too, youtube and TV viewing can be hard work.....LOL

Two years ago I said I would have my deck redone due some parts have termite damage and a one section of railing had dry rot damage. Maybe one day I really will have it redone.

Its a job that can easily be put off year after year.  Took me 9 years to get my deck pressure washed, lol.

Rodger the Racoon attacks again!!{#basic-cool.gif}

I like turkey patties but I get the unflavored ones. Sometimes I put a little spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese on top to give them a different flavor. 

It rained in torrents here yesterday. It is raining again today. All it does is rain here. 

I was a night person all my life. When the rest of the world was going to bed I was just getting started. By necessity I changed and became a morning person and now I enjoy it. Like you I enjoy being up and about when no one else is up and around.

I love early mornings for all the reasons you stated. 

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