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Some thoughts....

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, June 27th 2020 at 12:02pm by wendidawn
Related Tags: civil disobedience

When this BLM started up again over Floyd's death, I noticed something while watching it unfold in my town. Most of the protestors were white. It amazed me at first. I thought WOW look at the support these people have mustered up in such a short time. I watched it on tv and it still seemed there might be more whites on there than blacks. 

I said, something to a few of my friends, they had noticed this too. I then read on a news article yesterday that the Black people only made up about 17% of the protestors. Hmmm??? 

My thoughts are at first, that these white people supported their cause. All well and good as I knew these mostly young people never experienced racism. I doubt that any of them had not lost a loved one death by strangulation, so what drove them out.?

I then thought about "White guilt" or was it just a reason for them to get out and show their butts, some robbing, looting, arson. A way to more or less rebel against the government which is nothing new, or have you ever thought of this scenario?

Speaking about so called "White Privilege", could it be that many of these young white people did have the privilege going on for them. If I were those black protestors, I would ask  them, instead of licking my feet, how about giving me the keys to the car that daddy bought you??? I bet that wont be done. COME ON, if they are willing to destroy this great nation, then why, cant they give the keys and title to the car over to someone who needs it, instead of the government paying them for something they know nothing about such as slavery, I bet that car would work better. It would be a chance to see  just how many true supporters (white) you have there . 


By, the way, for those of you who accepted the stimulus checks but still go on and on like a broken record about how Trump did do this or how Trump didn't do this right??? BLAH, blah, blah stop being a hypocrite and return the money. How many of you Trump haters have done this??? NONE.

User Comments

We haven’t received any money.

 Yes, I heard some hasnt, we received our check, In March. 

used mine to help pay bills

Yes, but you like Trump kats.

{#basic-cool.gif} yes I do

I think BLM's foot soldiers on the street are about 70% white liberal kids from the suburbs hahaha good luck BLM.

 I do too, Scott. Just like those occupiers were when Obama was in office. I wonder where they are now. Drizzled and fizzled out. lol


Yes, exactly them. They'll get hungry and bored and then a BLM protest will fit on one bus. Which CNN will still say is a massive uprising lol

 I know the same reality that we are in, does not apply to CNN and most of the others. .lol

I still have some left over.  Glasses are now costing a fortune, and I need to get a new pair, since these are no longer working for me.

I was shocked myself, seeing the whites out there, supposedly showing their support, and how did they do that?  They, meaning the white supporters, were the ones breaking the windows out of businesses, looting, and then setting fire to the businesses they broke into!

There were 3 more whites going behind them, going in to the same buildings, and showed their support in an entirely different way.  They saw the first fire, that was set, used their water to put it out,  they each found a fire extinguisher, and continued following those law breakers, and went in each building they did, to put out fires, another young man joined them.

Those white supporters are criminals, and wasn't helping at all.  And it's sad to say, it's still going on.                        

 It shows there are still some good white kids out there.

I cannot believe that these mayors, etc, are allowing them to get away with it.

By dismissing their criminal actions, it is sending a message to these spoiled brats. Anything they do is ok, and do not accept responsiblity for your actions. 

I think the politians of these looted and burned towns should all be dismissed , they are bad , just like the bad cops that murdered Floyd.

I see ads for 2 pair of glasses for $100


Ummmm, yeah, if you don't wear Bifocals.  With Bifocals, they cost more, then that $100.  Now, along with those Bifocals, add Prisms, to the glasses.  In my case the Prisms are along the top and sides, to help with my double vision.  The lens alone, will cost over $300.  And the frames are over a hundred dollars now, for the cheapest set of frames that can be bought.  Like I said, they will be expensive.

wow, yes they are expensive. 


Protests take on a party atmosphere for the bored rich white kids. 

 It sure does and of course, daddy will always bail their darlins' out.

Hi Wendi!  Betcha those  white kids don't have a clue what BLM is really about. Just gives them a reason to show their butts, loot and riot. Saw,  read there was a ad in a paper looking to hire 500 ppl for easy job @15.00 hour. Bet Soros was behind it all.  


Hi Rose, I missed you.

I think you are right, they havent a clue. Yep, I bet Soros was behind it too.

Thanks for stopping by.

I tell you what, the only person I will ever kneel before is Jesus Christ. I never owned a black person and so not owe anyone an apology for nothing. These people are brain dead. 

 I agree with you and those idiots that are bowing are sorry ass , pathetic losers.

I have observed that a lot of whiites that I know just want to feel like they're 'DOING SOMETHING'.  Personally, I feel like our generation DID do something.   We were taught as kids to be 'color-blind', while a lot of opportunities that might have beeeen ours seemed to evade us due to affirmative action.   We understood the need, and took Our Lumps Without Complaining. We watched people of color succeed, and were genuinely happy for them.  We even voted in a black president.   And now they're acting like we're some kind of monsters who have done nothing but oppress.  The shoe doesn't fit, so I refuse to wear it. 

 Great comment Maggie, I could not of said it any better and I agree with you.

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